Noel Trivedi

Software Engineer


I'm Noel Trivedi, 21 years old, computer scientist, brother of Delta Tau Delta, proud Trojan (fight on!), and SoCal native.

My journey into the world of computer science began on a TI-84. That tiny TI-BASIC program started a lifelong journey of being confused and googling things. Today, I study Computer Science at the University of Southern California. However, my academic mistress is mathematics, and more specifically, number theory.

Professionally, I prefer back-end server and Android development. In turn, I feel most comfortable with C, C++, and Java. I'm currently interning at Belvedere Trading, where I work on developing a C++ server for a proprietary web app. Recreationally, I like to develop software that makes life easier (even if those problems only affect me). Check out the Portfolio tab to see what I've made in the past!

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C++ Expert

Java Expert

Python Proficient

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Haskell Beginner


Android Expert

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Belvedere Trading
Software Engineering Intern

May 2016 - Aug 2016

Worked with a team of interns to create a trading exchange simulator using Agile methodology. The product was successfully deployed and used in production environments at the end of the internship.

In A Day Development
Android Development Intern

Jan 2016 - May 2016

Worked in the Android development team to design, build, and maintain android applications including 10bii Financial Calculator and Wordventure.

A-1 Healthcare Management
Software Engineering Consultant

May 2015 - Jan 2016

Designed, tested, and shipped software designed to simplify human resources management in the home healthcare industry. The final product had a secure user login system, different UXs for different employees, as well as automated reminders to renew healthcare certifications.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept.
Technology Intern

May 2014 - Aug 2014

Facilitated a department merger and creation of a bureau. Critically applied software to better track equipment and inmate housing, which was integral in their safe and efficient transfer.

CrowdJam was first created for USC's biggest hackathon, HackSC. All of our developer's had faced the problem of playing music for a large crowd, whether it was for GameDay tailgate or just hanging out with a few friends.

Our solution was to leverage Spotify's API to create a voting system for songs. A user can open up CrowdJam, access their DJ's playlist, suggest songs, and vote on songs other people have suggested. This way, if the crowd wants country music, those songs bubble to the top, and are more likely to be chosen.

As is the case with most hackathon projects, the codebase was too messy to continue using. I'm currently in the process of rewriting CrowdJam, porting the project to a web interface, and adding new features. CrowdJam isn't currently a public repository, however, you can access the hackathon code on GitHub, under the project's original name - Playlist Hero.

Playlist Hero on GitHub

Poker Island is a Java program made for a group project in USC's sophomore level class CSCI 201, Introduction to Software Development. Our group of 5 designed the entire project, from the initial planning to the deployment.

We decided on an online poker game, considering the minimum viable product was fairly small, and there was no end to the features we could implement. Poker Island, as a finished product, has its own server, user account system managed by a MySQL database, multi-tabling, as well as queued actions. Its GUI is written mostly in Java's Swing. I worked extensively on the back end, creating our message passing and parsing algorithms (we weren't aware that RPC even existed at the time), and class structure, as well as some client-side GUI. As we finished the project, we decided to go with a tropical theme, hence the name Poker Island.

If you're so inclined, you can run your own Poker Island server and play with your friends!

Poker Island's Tropical Tables

Poker Island Server on GitHub
Poker Island Client on GitHub

Wordventure is an Android app I helped develop for In A Day Development. The app is used by schools to teach the parts of speech to students. Students select a wordventure, and receive a list of parts of speech. Then, they fill out the list, and can view their completed wordventure, and share it with their friends!

The Android version of Wordventure hasn't been released yet, however the iOS version is available below.

Wordventure for iOS